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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cynosure Performa®
From today the new laser is up and running.  

Dedicated to Rejuvenation
This is the latest and state of the art CO2 laser for Skin resurfacing and Rejuvenation  

Its primary job is to help resurface your skin removing wrinkles and lines by stimulating natural collagen to be produces thus filling them.  It is highly effective for this and skin tightening in the facia areas ad can ne used right up into the eye area removing bags and lines.

Its secondary application is to help with scar repair and removal and is excellent on any type from childhood acne marks through to post operative scars.

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  1. Skin tightening easily reduce wrinkles of skin and face. It provide well shine which introduce better to person on people.
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  2. Want help to reduce that double chin?
    The ChinUp Mask can help to reduce the appearance of unwanted fat around the neck while moisturising the skin.